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tea set

tea set

For Harvard senior Dave Tischfield the freedom he finds in the studio, where he can ‘just start making’ anything that he can imagine, serves as welcome relief for the stresses and ‘reality’ of working on hardcore lab science. Since freshman year Tischfield’s creative passion for making and firing ceramic sculpture and vessels has been infectious. With wit and energy Tischfield has produced Clay All Night, a popular undergraduate studio party;  taught classes at the Quincy House ceramics studio; run studio workshops for kids with AIDS; and contributed to Ceramics Program presentations for Harvard’s Arts First Festival, a variety of student groups and courses, and the City of Cambridge’s  Riverfest.

David TischfieldWhile giving his students the skills they need to accomplish their creative goals has been both fun and rewarding for Tischfield, ultimately he plans to build on his undergraduate neurobiological research by pursuing an MDPhD. But first he will take a year off after graduation, dividing his time between polishing his thesis for publication and finally having the opportunity to focus on his own sculpture and pottery projects. If he receives sufficient funding, these projects might include studying at a ceramics workshop in China, and field work in Nicaragua to help establish a ceramics microenterprise development project. ~Sue Post


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