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erotic table setting

erotic table setting

The diversity of Amy Woods’ fanciful table settings belies her abiding commitment to the integrity of the various clays and glazes as well as the piles of found objects she often uses as source material. While not intending to be too obvious or offensive, Woods’ work subverts the concepts of identity and playfulness, and pushes the opposing boundaries of both sculptural and surface decoration. AS a TA and summer course instructor, Woods encourages her students to relate their ceramic practice to their life outside the studio. ~Sue Post


Amy Woods

Amy Woods graduated from Boston University with a B.A. in German literature.  Her next endeavor was to transform herself into  a professional potter getting most of her education “hands on” through the Harvard Ceramics Studio (formerly the Radcliffe Pottery Studio) with the addition of some summer workshops with Walter Ostram and Marilyn Dintenfass.  She has produced an abundance of specialty presentation-ware for vegetables, fruits, beverages, and blancmange, that is not to be trifled with.





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